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Be a Tortoise

Last night I read the fable of the tortoise and the hare to my son for the first time.

As a child, I recall the learning point of "slow and steady wins the race." As an adult, I'm impressed with the bold, strategic thinking of the tortoise.

As a child, I empathized with the tortoise thinking he was being bullied. As an adult, I realize the tortoise initiated the entire race.

As a child, I just thought the hare was cocky and lazy. As an adult, I see the confidence and cleverness of the tortoise.

As a child, I thought the tortoise could never win unless the hare made a mistake. As an adult, I see the hare could never win because he was too easily distracted by the feel-good-right-now...chasing carrots, not goals. He played right into the tortoise's plan, the one who played the long game.

Well played, Tortoise. Well played.


Author: Jennifer Strahan

Illustration by Brian Wildsmith in The Hare and the Tortoise



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