Welcome to a New World!

Well I've finally hopped on the blogging bandwagon. I don't pretend to be a skilled writer or anticipate any best-selling novels in the future, but how can I not share some of the great gems of knowledge that I've learned throughout my career about how to improve the health care world we live in.

It's time to create a new world...a new health care world, that is. In this new world, status quo is not good enough. Good patient care is not deserving enough. Top percentile is not esteemed enough. It's time to think beyond current possibilities and create new possibilities. How do we do that? We challenge ourselves. We brainstorm. We ask tough questions. We provide a little bit of positive peer pressure. In short, we don't accept today's "great"...because what's great today will be only good tomorrow.

My goal is to keep these posts short and sweet. This is for two reasons: 1) I know you're busy and don't have time to read 12-page articles, and 2) I certainly don't have the time, or more importantly the attention, to write 12-page articles! This website is intended to share interesting stories, lessons learned, useful resources, and tidbits of knowledge to help us find our new world. No, I'm not a genie; I can't provide a magical pathway to perfection, but together, we can strive for it.

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