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Why Baldrige?

Did you know organizations that pursue an excellence journey (such as Baldrige) achieve statistically better operational and financial results* (such as length of stay, patient satisfaction, and expenses), without sacrificing clinical outcomes?

Excellence isn't achieved by happenstance. It is the result of continual and intentional improvements across the five key input domains: Leadership, Strategy, Operations, Structure, and Metrics / Accountability.

Whether you are targeting a specific problem area, a struggling business unit, or an overall organizational transformation, results are intentional. Explore the five key input domains, and consider how your organization performs in each. Furthermore, how does your organization connect these for success?

Only 15% of organizations succeed when transforming their cultures. When you're tired of tiptoeing around your Excellence Journey, J. Osley is ready to be your committed partner. We serve as hands-on guides along YOUR journey to get results. Regardless of how your organization has defined its mechanism to excellence (via Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Baldrige, High Reliability Organization, etc.), J. Osley can help you define, develop, and sustain your pathway to success.


*Study has been submitted for peer-review publication and is currently being reviewed.



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