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Lean Six Sigma: Why Get Certified?

Lean Six Sigma certifications are an investment in your future. As with any investment, it is important to consider both the costs and benefits. Aside from the monetary costs of this investment, you should also consider the investment of your time to earn certification. When you are ready to commit, however, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Salary Enhancement:

The average salary for LSS Green Belt roles is over $74K* while Black Belt roles approach $100K* compared to the national average salary of $46K**.

Professional Development:

A LSS certification sets you apart by enhancing your business acumen and problem solving skills to facilitate break-through improvements.

Organizational Value:

Experienced Black Belts provide an average ROI between $200K to $500K per project and result in more productive and more engaged employees.

Resume Boost:

LSS-certified individuals are routinely promoted and hired before non-certified counterparts due to their specialized skillset.

Industry Alignment:

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are investing in LSS to drive excellence and efficiency across the care continuum.

Why certify with J. Osley?

We​ recognize there are many options available for you to earn your Lean Six Sigma certification, but you will find J. Osley's commitment to you, the healthcare industry, and a standard of excellence separate this program from other programs.

Targeted Healthcare Experience

We specialize in healthcare operations and tailor all classes to this industry.

Learn - Do - Lead: Proficiency through Application

We require the completion of an appropriately scoped Lean Six Sigma project for each certification level to operationalize concepts learned. Many certifying bodies only require a project at the Black Belt level, but if you have never done a smaller scoped project at a Yellow or Green Belt level, you are less likely to be successful at the Black Belt level. Learn - Do - Lead: This is our learning approach.

Coaching & Development

You are not a blank face to us. We connect with our students on a personal level to understand their individual strengths and needs, even with online classes. We are also available for consultation between classes when you need assistance with your project.

Ready to launch a Lean Six Sigma cohort at your organization?

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