• Cultural assessment

  • Internal Process Design / Redesign:

    • Program / Service Line Development

    • Committee Establishment (e.g., P&T)

  • Business Intelligence Tool Implementation 

  • Strategic planning & assessment

  • Lean Six Sigma Program Development

  • Process Improvement / Project Management Process Development

  • Business / Enterprise Intelligence Development and Integration

J. Osley & Co. has supported numerous improvement initiatives to directly impact organizational strategy and process flow across hospitals, physician practices, and health systems. An abbreviated list of previous initiatives are listed below as reference; however, the team's expertise can be applied to numerous other areas across healthcare operations. J. Osley & Co. can support your team via direct facilitation, project support, strategic planning, and/or mentoring team members.


Organizational Strategy

Previous Initiatives

  • Emergency Department Flow

  • Inpatient Admission Process

  • Inpatient Discharge Process

  • Team Member Onboarding Process

  • Physician Practice Throughput

Operational Effectiveness
  • Accurate Bed / Patient Placement

  • Process Workflow (e.g., for Case Managers, Environmental Services, etc.)

  • Medical Residency Effectiveness 

  • Fall Reduction

  • Pharmacy Misfill Reduction

  • CHF Patient Management

  • Duplicate MRN Reduction

  • Chest Pain Management in Emergency Department

  • Readmission Reduction

Patient Safety
  • Increased Business Office Collections

  • Patient Access Accuracy
  • Front-end Collection Increase
  • First Pass Yield Rate Improvement / Denial Reduction

  • RAC Audit Compliance 

Financial Effectiveness

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